Piano Recital

May 16, 2006

The ensemble
Alley and Benjamin
Alley has been taking piano lessons from a young man in our church since September and she has learned alot. Last night was her first piano recital. She played two songs, accompanied by her teacher, Benjamin Dawson, and she was part of an ensemble made up of all the students and the teacher, playing Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony. We were also treated to two pieces played by Bethany Dawson, Benjamin’s younger sister, and two pieces by Benjamin which he composed himself. Everyone did a great job and then we enjoyed some refreshments and fellowship.

Since Michael is in Kansas City and Jana and Kane are in Atlanta, we called them on our cell phones and let them all hear Alley’s songs. I also took a few pictures and videotaped Alley’s part. The benefits of technology!


One Response to “Piano Recital”

  1. Susanna Rose said

    That’s pretty impressive that your daughter is playing in recitals at such a young age! My sisters and I used to take piano lessons and played in a few recitals but I always found it to be an extremely terrifying experience!:) How old is her teacher by the way? He looks so young…must be a prodigy of sorts!

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