May 12, 2006

Some of the presents and some of the food at Dresden and Grant’s birthday party cookout.
Grant enjoying his first birthday cake!
Dresden was very “feminine” about the way she tasted her cake. She carefully pushed down each icing scallop for several inches around her cake. She also had a little help from her older sister and brother in figuring out what to do!
This picture was actually taken earlier in the day before the party but thanks to this unpredictable blogging program, it ended up in the middle of the party pictures. As you can see, Dresden likes to swing!
This is Mara Kate all bundled up in her stroller (and a little shawl that belonged to me when I was a baby) during the chilly cookout.
Dresden trying out a kazoo while I opened her gifts. I think by next year she will understand the point of the presents and the cake!

2 Responses to “Birthdays”

  1. Mom said

    What a memorable and fun weekend! It was so good to have everyone here! I loved it! Thanks for the pics and the memories! Love, Mom

  2. heidi said

    I am glad the birthday babies got to share a party–fun memories!!

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