May 12, 2006

We had a very busy weekend last weekend. It was sad and happy, as many times in life are. On Saturday, we attended the visitation/graveside service of a man in our church who had suddenly and unexpectedly passed away earlier in the week. Not long after we got back from that, my sister Jana and her husband, Kane and little girl (and my only niece), Mara Kate, arrived from Atlanta. Saturday evening, mom fixed Cream Taco for Kane’s birthday meal, a few days late. (He’s birthday buddies with Dresden.) We had a yummy made-from-scratch cake and enjoyed each other’s company. Jana and Kane and MK stayed with me and the kids this time and that was fun because we had some extra visting time around the times when we were all together. Sunday morning was church and then we all attended the memorial service for Jeff Cumbo at 4pm followed by a covered dish meal at the church.

Monday evening was the birthday party cookout (see next post) and we had a good time celebrating this first year of having Dresden and Grant in our family. Several dear friends came and watched the two babies destroy two perfectly good cakes!

On Tuesday, we relaxed and visited more and then we went out to dinner at Ridgewood Barbeque at Kane’s request. It is a family owned BBQ place on the other side of town and then out a little farther. This picture is of Dresden and Grant watching the rest of us eat! (I think they are both looking older, even since their birthdays!)


2 Responses to “Barbeque”

  1. jana said

    mmm..mmm…good! That was a fun meal out—and it was cute watching Dresden and Grnat sharing their cheerios and crackers with one another.

  2. heidi said

    The babies loved being at the head of the table! They also loved those crackers…If they only knew what they were really missing out on at Ridgewood 🙂

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