Brief Update

April 27, 2006

I know I have not posted anything for quite awhile so I thought I would post a brief update at least.

My parents are out of town and have been for more than a week now. The kids and I have been staying at their house taking care of things and that means occasional trips over to our house to grab something we forgot or check the mail, etc. I also showed the trailer to one lady who I hope is able to purchase it. She is a single mom with 3 kids and she is going to start a new job less than 2 miles from our house. It would be perfect for her and I would be glad to get it sold.

Michael got a promotion and a raise this week at his new job in Kansas City. He has only worked there since mid March and this week he was offered the shift commander position which is actually two steps up from where he started less than 6 weeks ago. He is now “in charge” of the midnight to 8am shift and I think he will do a good job. The other good thing about this is that he will be able to attend church on Sunday mornings now since he is off on Friday and Saturday nights. This was an answer to prayer since he had been having to work on Sunday since he got to KC. He had asked his boss about it but this new position took care of it. We are still thinking and praying about our options as far as housing there goes. We can make more definite decisions when the trailer sells.

I am planning a trip to Brookhaven, Mississippi next month for my friend Jamie’s wedding. I am glad I get to be there for her on this special day and I am glad for a chance to go back to Brookhaven. It is a very special place for me and my whole family since we spent so many years there. I also had my graduation ceremony there with Jamie 10 years ago so going back is kinda like a high school reunion, although it is more than just my old friends I am anxious to see. I am hoping to see some of the kids that I babysat more than 10 years ago as well as old Sunday School teachers and others. Heidi is going too (and Dresden and Grant) and I think it will be a fun trip.

Last night the kids and I stayed at Heidi’s because Jeph was out of town at a conference and we got to bed rather late, partly due to the fact that Heidi’s best friend, Lianne, called to tell Heidi that her dad, who had been suffering from cancer for a few months, had passed away. It took us awhile to get to sleep after that news since it seemed so hard to believe because he is still a young man and he has a few young children still at home, as well as some who are already grown. Heidi was trying to figure out the best way to get from here to there to be with Lianne this weekend. It was challenging with Jeph out of town but after a few hours of internet looking, several phone calls and prayers for wisdom, a plan was made that seemed to make the most sense under the circumstances. Please keep that whole family in your prayers.

Due to my late night and the fact that I have much to do tomorrow, I am heading to bed very soon. I will try to post again soon with pictures! Good night!


One Response to “Brief Update”

  1. Corey said

    Praise God! Having Michael around on weekends will be good for both you & the kids. Tell everyone I say “hello”.

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