I’m Going to Kansas City….

March 24, 2006

This is a young gorilla hiding in a bag at the Kansas City Zoo. I thought it was cute!
This is Alley and Liam standing by the old truck in the Australia section of the KC Zoo. The red line near the bottom of the truck shows how far a kangaroo can jump at one time.
Michael feeding the sheep in the petting zoo!
One of our favorite things to do when we go to Kansas City is to go to the Zoo with Grandma Harrison. The Kansas City Zoo has been completely redone since I was a kid and it is a very nice zoo, divided into continents and the animals live in habitats that are more like their natural environments. They are always working on new things and making it better and better. My grandma is a “Friend of the Zoo” and this time when we went to the zoo with her, she got us a family pass to the Zoo for the whole next year! She did this because we are moving to Kansas City sometime in the next couple of months. This plan has been in the works for awhile but the trip we made to KC earlier this month was to job-hunt, visit a church we researched online, and check out areas of the city for possible places to live. Michael got a job while we were there and so the move is now official.
My parents decided a few months ago that they should move back to Kansas City to be near their parents in their older years. They are blessed in that all 4 parents live in the same city and are all still in fairly good health. They knew that as the years went on, they would feel the need to be there more often. Michael and I knew that his job prospects in Bristol were limited so we were feeling the need to make a possible move to another area. With my parents making this decision, it made our path more clear.
Michael actually had to start his job the week after we were in KC so he brought us back home and was here two days tying up loose ends and he headed out again. He is staying with my Grandma right now and working. The kids and I are here while we wait for our mobile home to sell and then we will join him. We do have one lady who wants to buy it so if everything goes smoothly with that transaction, we are hoping to be in KC by the end of April. There are many things about Bristol and Virginia that we will miss but we are excited about what God has for us there. We are looking forward to being near extended family and Michael is looking forward to getting to know them all better.
We really like the church we found and we are excited about making new friends. We don’t know what God has in store for us exactly, but we know the future is in His hands and all we have to do is trust Him.
Please keep all the details of this move in your prayers…there are many things to take care of and many things to consider. Most of all pray that God would lead us to just the right housing situation. We want to buy a house eventually but we want to check out the areas for awhile first so we are concerned with finding a place to rent somewhere in between the job and the church so we can be active there without spending a ton of money on gas. There are certain things we need in a new place so we are praying that God will lead us to the perfect spot to meet all of these needs.

3 Responses to “I’m Going to Kansas City….”

  1. Jon Williams said

    You all have been to so many zoos! Perhaps the Waco zoo is next on your list…

    Hopefully I’ll be able to see you all in KC soon!


  2. Aunt Jane said

    We loved having you for the short time you were here. The kids were so much fun! Look forward to seeing you again soon

  3. Aunt Jane said

    We loved having you for the short time you were here. The kids were so much fun! Look forward to seeing you again soon

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