A Dresden Day

March 23, 2006

Alley was in the living room, coloring with markers, earlier this evening. Dresden decided to join her, as you can see from her red hands and lips! This was just an hour or two after she poured an entire bottle of water on the coffee table which immediately ran under the glass top on the table and down both sides. I had to dry off several books, including my IKEA catalog, and I had to take the glass top completely off the table while the wood dried out. She is not quite 11 months old and I already don’t know what to do with her sometimes! What am I going to do when she is two or three and can premeditate her actions?!
She did take her first steps last night at church which was pretty exciting. She is really alot of fun at this age, though. Her personality comes out a little more every day!
And I really need to figure out what to do with her hair.


2 Responses to “A Dresden Day”

  1. Grandpa said

    That’s our little fireball. How can someone who looks so “Tara”, act so “Michael”?

  2. Jennifer said

    You leave her hair alone. It’s perfect the way it is. Miss you guys!!!!

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