Happy Birthday to Me!

March 19, 2006

Today is my 28th birthday. That is really hard to believe, for me and also for my parents! It doesn’t seem possible that I only have 24 months left to be in my twenties!!!!

Alley and Liam were very sweet. Last night, all on their own, they made me a card (above) and hid it from me until we came by the house after church on our way to Mimi and Grandpa’s house. Alley snuck in and grabbed it and they presented it to me after lunch when I was opening gifts. Alley also wrote the message on the chalk board in the kitchen last night so that I would see it this morning when I woke up. It’s fun to have kids old enough to do special things for you like that.

Michael is once again out of town on my birthday but it is for a good reason. He started a new job last Friday. (More details on that in my next post.) Thanks to the Army, the last time we were together on my birthday was 4 years ago, March 19, 2002. That was the day that we flew to Germany for the first time and it also happened to be my first time to fly anywhere, ever! A birthday I will never forget!

My family here made my birthday special anyway. Dad grilled chicken, even though he had to stand at the grill with his walker since he just had hip replacement surgery last Tuesday! Mom made some of my favorite side dishes and Heidi made me a delicious tasting, beautifully decorated cake. I opened a few gifts and just enjoyed being with my family. Michael called me and sang Happy Birthday over the phone. I also talked to my sister, Jana, and my grandparents this afternoon. It was a nice, relaxing way to spend a birthday.


5 Responses to “Happy Birthday to Me!”

  1. Dad said

    Happy Birthday, sweet girl! I love you and am glad you had a good birthday.

  2. jeph said

    You forgot to mention your thoughtful birthday surprise from your brother-in-law..even though your own sister didnt come to the party prepared.

  3. Tara said

    Yes, for the record, my brother-in-law brought me a nice chocolate gift,(2 Kit Kats) always a good choice! Thanks, Jeph!

  4. Anonymous said

    I am glad you had a good birthday. I am sorry that Michael was not here, but next year maybe that will finally stop. Yes, it is very hard to believe that any of your children are almost out of their 20’s. But is also makes me wonder how my Mom and Dad feel! Yikes! It was amazing to watch Dad grill chicken with his walker!

  5. Mom said

    Anonymous is MOM. I hit the wrong button! Sorry

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