Atlanta Trip

February 26, 2006

Liam modeling his new Star Wars Jedi cape made for him by his loving Aunt Jana. Don’t be confused by the Batman pjs underneath. They are not actually a part of this costume, it’s just what he happened to be wearing when it was time to try on the finished product.
This picture was actually taken on our way to Atlanta. We stopped for lunch at Steak ‘n Shake in Dalton, GA which is always a treat since the closest one to us is a couple of hours away. I always have to get a “real” cherry coke and the kids say their hamburgers are the best. Dresden is enjoying a famous Steak ‘n Shake saltine cracker!
I love this picture! It is the desktop on my computer right now and it is really cute full size. Dresden and her only girl cousin, Mara Kate, were having fun on the sleeper couch in their diapers. I think they will be best friends some day, once they can both walk and talk, or run and scream, as the case may be. Dresden is already proving to be much like her Aunt Jana, with two speeds- HIGH and OFF. If Mara Kate is anything like her mother (Jana), family gatherings will prove to be quite interesting! Grant, the other 2005 baby, may get roped into all kinds of shenanigans with these two!
Here is a picture of Liam sleeping in the Barker’s bookcase. His head was actually on the shelf and he was actually sleeping there.

These are just a few pics of our weekend in Atlanta. It started out early on Thursday morning when my kids and my mom and I headed out. We stopped for lunch and arrived in Atlanta around 3:30 or so that afternoon. I had not seen Mara Kate since Christmas so I was looking forward to seeing how much she had changed and grown. She is a cutie! We relaxed at Jana’s for awhile, drank some yummy tea she had ready for us, and discussed what we wanted to do with the few days we had there. We decided that we would do our Atlanta shopping on Friday to try to avoid the Saturday crowds.

Jana fixed Parmesan Chicken for dinner and it was very good. After dinner, Jana and I went to a fabric store to try to find a pattern for this Jedi cape that Liam wanted. (A friend of his has one and he wanted one, too. I told him that maybe Aunt Jana would be willing to use her sewing machine to make it if we could find the pattern and fabric at a reasonable price.) The trip was successful…we found the right pattern for 99 cents and a “Jedi brown” bolt of flowing, cape-like material.

Friday morning we got up and around and then headed out to the Farmers Market. It was an interesting place! I got a great deal on spices, sliced almonds and loose tea. If I lived near there, I would do alot of my shopping there. They have all kinds of things, especially fresh fruits and vegetables, and organic everything! Jana bought a loaf of sourdough bread for us to have chicken salad sandwiches on and it was wonderful!

After returning to Jana’s apartment to have lunch and do a little work on the cape, we then went out to IKEA. IKEA is one of my most favorite stores in the world and I had a gift card that I got for Christmas from Jana that I needed to use. We spent a couple hours going through the showroom and the Marketplace and the kids even braved the kids play room for 45 minutes. (Alley was a little hesitant as the last time she tried was a few years ago at the IKEA we went to in Germany and she couldn’t understand the workers very well!) Alley and Liam were together this time and they enjoyed it. I found several “treasures” as well as the mirror for my bedroom that I planned ahead to get. On the way out, mom and Jana picked up some hot, fresh, cinnamon rolls from the IKEA snack bar to save for breakfast the next two mornings, so we had to endure that delicious smell all the way home, knowing we couldn’t eat one til the next morning!

Jana made taco soup for dinner and we relaxed and visited that evening, after our busy day of shopping.

We had cinnamon rolls for breakfast Saturday morning and then we worked on the cape a little more. Mom and I decided we wanted to go back to IKEA to get a few more small things we had been thinking about and since IKEA is several hours away from here and we don’t get to go very often, we went. Of course, with the Saturday crowd, it took awhile just to get the things we wanted in the Marketplace. We got back to Jana’s and a little later, the kids left with Kane to go to their church for a pizza and movie night. They watched the new Veggie Tales “Lord of the Beans”. Mom, Jana, me and the two baby girls went out to Willy’s (like Subway except with tacos, burritos, and quesadillas) for a girls night out. It was very good food and a nice treat. When we got back to the apartment, we started getting ready for bed but also re-packing for our return trip. Jana and Mara Kate were coming back with us so Jana could visit a few friends in Bristol so Jana was packing too.

Sunday morning, Mom creatively packed the van to get all seven bodies in as well as all of our goodies from the Farmers Market and IKEA and our suitcases, too, of course! We headed out (after eating another cinnamon roll for breakfast). We stopped at a Cracker Barrel for lunch and got back to Mom and Dad’s around 4 pm. Michael and Jeph, Heidi and Grant came there and my dad grilled hamburgers for us all for dinner.

It was a fun weekend but it was even more fun because we got to bring Jana and Mara Kate home with us for a few extra days of visiting. I hope I can do it again before too long.

Jana, I need the Parmesan Chicken and the Taco Soup recipes!


2 Responses to “Atlanta Trip”

  1. Dad said

    Sounds like a fun trip. (Except all the shopping!). I wish I could have gone with you.

  2. jana said


    I will email you the recipes when I get a chance. I am so glad you all got to come and I really enjoyed my time in Bristol as well! It was a fun weekend/week for me and Mara Kate as well!

    We love you guys!

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