Our Little Valentines

February 25, 2006

The top picture is me and Heidi at the 2005 Valentine Dinner at church, carrying our babies. The bottom picture is me and Heidi at the 2006 Valentine Dinner at church, holding our babies.

I remember thinking at last year’s dinner that the following year, this year, I would have a nine-month old crawling around and that seemed so hard to believe when I still had two and a half months of pregnancy at that point.

Michael was in his last few weeks of being in Iraq on Valentine’s Day last year but this year he was here and we went out for a casual (aka “cheap” 🙂 dinner at a nearby restaurant and did a little shopping at a Christian book store, where we bought a book called I’ll Love You Anyway and Always by Bryan Chappell as our Valentine gift to our kids. It is a very good book to help kids understand parents love for their children and God’s love for us.

We went to the church Valentine Dinner on February 15 where we had a delicious spaghetti meal cooked by a woman in our church named Kelly. She does an excellent job every year. Some of the children participated in a talent show after dinner, some reciting Scripture and many playing instruments. Alley has been taking piano lessons since September and is doing very well but she did not really have a piece ready for performance but her friend Rachel was playing a song from the same book so at the last minute, she was able to be added to the roster and she finished the show by playing one of her practice pieces. She did a good job and of course, loved being in the spotlight!

Atlanta trip post coming soon!


3 Responses to “Our Little Valentines”

  1. Jon Williams said

    You keep promising an Atlanta post, but we never see it! It’s sort of like a politician around election day! Are we going to have to vote you out of office? :p

    Looking forward to seeing you all next week!

  2. jana said

    Hey! What a fun post—to see you both pregnant and then with both of your babies! 🙂

    Love ya!

  3. heidihttp://guinan.blogspot.com said

    Wow…that top picture doesnt seem like that long ago!! Life is going so fast!!

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