Spilled Milk

February 21, 2006

We all know how some days nothing seems to go right and everything seems to go wrong. Or we get several pieces of bad news in a fairly short period of time. My dad calls those days “earth days”, which is a really good name for them since they are an unavoidable part of life on this planet but something that should cease when we enter eternity!

Today as a whole was not a bad day but I had about a minute where everything seemed to hit me at once. Michael was out running a few errands and the kids were at the table doing workbook pages for school. I was holding Dresden, trying to get her to go to sleep. My cell phone rang and I answered it. It was Michael saying that he had somehow locked his keys in his truck. Dresden was crying at this point because I had to get up to find my phone and that disturbed her in her quest for slumber. Before I could even say anything back to Michael, Alley yelled out that Liam had just spilled his chocolate milk all over the table and floor. I know the old saying about not crying over spilled milk but that’s exactly what I felt like doing at that moment! I told Michael that Liam spilled milk and I would call him back in a minute.

I could not let splattered milk sit on my floor, walls, table and chairs, and school books even for a second. I tolerate milk in cereal and in cooking but I can’t stand the thought of my kitchen smelling like spoiled milk. I handed Liam a rag and told him to wipe it up, partly because he created the mess and partly because I was still holding Dresden. I watched in frustration as he wiped each drip off the wall, completely ignoring the trail it made as it slid down the wall. I finally sent him out of the room while I cleaned up every speck of white liquid I could see and many I could not see . I am not exactly sure how he managed to splatter it so far and wide (although he did say something about laughing and not paying attention) but it is now cleaned up and Liam is not allowed to have milk until Thursday. Some might say that I should not take milk away from him since he needs calcium but rest assured, he is eating plenty of goldfish crackers to make up for it! Also, since milk is one of his favorite drinks, I am hoping the absence of it will help him realize that he needs to be more careful while drinking it. After all, milk costs quite a bit more per gallon than gasoline!

And in case you were wondering, a nice person gave Michael a coat hanger and he was able to unlock the truck with that and save me a trip across town. I was glad about that for two reasons– one, I did not have to put shoes on three kids and load them up in the van and two, I did not have to cry over spilled milk AND wasted gas!


2 Responses to “Spilled Milk”

  1. Dad said

    I’m glad you only had a few earth minutes instead of a whold earth day. Glad everything turned out okay.

  2. Mom said

    Very well said. Love, Mom

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