February 2, 2006

Dresden having fun playing on her “saucer” .
Dresden having fun taking a Sunday afternoon nap!

Dresden will be nine months old tomorrow, which is very hard for me to believe! Michael just told her a few minutes ago that she was growing up way too fast for his liking and I wholeheartedly agree! Of course, that is true of all three of our children. I really can’t believe that I am the mother of a 7 and a half year old and a 4 and a half year old, too. I don’t feel old enough for that but I know it is true so I am trying to always do better at enjoying the little moments.

Now back to an update on Dresden…she is getting her two bottom teeth and she is pulling up to EVERYTHING now. She may be walking before too long! She is eating more solid food, mostly Cheerios, Gerber fruit and veggie Puffs, and saltine crackers. She is attempting to learn to drink from a cup but hasn’t quite figured out that you have to lift it up to get anything out of the spout. She has also been using the spout as a teething toy. She loves taking a bath and she loves standing up to the side of the tub and watching Alley play with the bubbles in her bath. She is an expert speed crawler now and loves to get into any toys or games or books left about by her sister and brother. She is a sweetie and we are so glad God blessed us with her.


2 Responses to “Dresden”

  1. aunt heidihttp://guinan.blogspot.com said

    She really is a sweetie!! She is such a G-I-R-L, too! I guess I’ve gotten so used to Grant’s boyishness that I really notice her difference in personality! I love you baby girl!

  2. jana said

    I am glad God blessed you with her too. She has grown too fast this year—Kane is already telling Mara Kate he is working on a “no-grow” solution at work to sprinkle on her soon! 🙂

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