Good Books

January 23, 2006

Now that we have read the entire “Little House on the Prairie” series of books as well as the more fictionalized follow-up series that focuses on Laura Ingalls Wilder’s daughter, Rose, Alley and I are now reading a series of books about a young girl named Elsie Dinsmore. These books were written in the mid 1800s and were very popular then. They were reprinted several years ago by a Christian company and I bought the set of twelve books after reading and enjoying the first two. I never did complete the series so when Alley wanted to read something else, we decided to give these a try. The series starts when Elsie is about seven or eight years old so I thought it would be good for Alley as Elsie is a very tenderhearted Christian little girl, desiring to please God in all things. It has a good plot and lots of interesting characters. It is set somewhere in the South and Elsie’s grandfather is a wealthy plantation owner. I highly recommend these books and I think Alley would agree, as she asks me to read a chapter several times throughout each day. As soon as I sit down to feed the baby, she grabs her chance and asks, “Can you read?” We started reading these books about a month ago and we just began the fifth one today.

Alley has learned lots of new vocabulary words from these books and I have even learned one or two new words myself. We both have caught ourselves speaking as if we were characters in the story. One day Alley told me that something she was trying to do was “quite difficult” and another time I said something was “dreadful“! Even after this, I was surprised last night with how much she has picked up. She asked if she could have a small snack and I said she could and she said, ” I am availing myself of the privilege .” After I stopped laughing, I was glad that she remembered a phrase like that and that she used it correctly in conversation. I love reading books aloud to her because it gives us something to do together that is worthwhile and something to talk about afterwards. I hope it continues even after she can read these big books on her own.


7 Responses to “Good Books”

  1. Dad said

    Remember, outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend. Inside of a dog, it’s too dark to read!!!!!

  2. Mom said

    Well I guess I will avail myself of the privelege of commenting on this blog! That is so hilarious, and I am glad she is learning these high bred ways to talk. It is good for her to learn this way. She is such a smart girl! She is always telling me about Elsie and what she is doing as you read. I cannot think of a better fictitious role model for a 7 year old little girl to have than Elsie!
    What fun. Love, Mom

  3. jana said

    That is so great…I look forward to times like these with Mara Kate. Alley is a smart girl and I know this is a wonderful way for her to learn and use her brain. I’m glad you are having such good mother daughter time!

  4. heidi said

    I guess reading Elsie books outloud won’t be something I do anytime soon!
    Maybe someday…until then, I will continue learning how to be a boy’s Mom…it’s fun 🙂
    I’m glad Alley is having so much fun! Tara, I am sure you are availing yourself the privilege of explaining phrases such as “avail myself the privilege”!

  5. Kathy Nelzen said

    Tara, are those the same Little House books that I sent you one-at-a-time about a hundred years ago?

  6. Tony & Kathy Nelzen said

    How about deleting the last comment? Not this one, that ^ one?

  7. Tara said

    Kathy, I hope I deleted the right one! No,those are not the same books. I think those eventually wore out, as many of my books from those years have done. We checked them out of the library one or two at a time and then my Grandma Harrison gave Alley the boxed set for Christmas this year. I am sure she will enjoy them over and over again as I did. We did make a trip to Mansfield last summer as we were finishing up the series. I had never been and we were on our way home from a visit to Kansas City. I wish we could have had longer to look around but we had two 2-month old babies with us and Aunt Jane was waiting for us in Jonesboro, AR! I hope we can go back again sometime.

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