Refrigerator Theology

January 20, 2006

A couple of days ago, I came in to the kitchen, and saw this on the door of the refrigerator. (It DID say “God is good”, as you might have figured out, and that is also the point of this post!) I don’t know exactly what happened but my guess is that Dresden messed it up and Liam tried to fix it. Alley saw me looking at it and laughing a little and realized that it was wrong so she and Liam found the right magnets and fixed it together.

I like to use the refrigerator door as a place to put things that I want to remember. I have magnets there from different places we have traveled, coupons I don’t want to forget about and several pictures of my friends and family, including one taken at my sister’s wedding where I was wearing a dress in the smallest size I have worn since childhood. That picture is there to remind me to watch what I take out of the fridge if I ever want to lose the rest of this pregnancy weight and get back to that size! That picture is also there because my two sisters, my only two girl cousins, my daughter and my grandparents are also in it and I like to be reminded of special moments like those.

Back to the point of this post…God is good. And this is something that we need to remember and we need to teach it to our children. We have seen this clearly in our family this last month. Michael’s survey job is very dependent on the weather and that can be a problem during this time of the year. This month was probably our lowest income month of our entire marriage, especially difficult with three children to provide for, but none of our bills were late or are overdue, the heat is on, and there is food in the fridge. God provided for us in some very amazing and timely ways. Just when we needed something and didn’t have any idea where it was going to come from, it would be there. Many different people helped us this month in different ways and we are very thankful for their willingness to be used by Him for our good. We have been able to talk about this with our children and they have seen our prayers answered. I don’t mean that God always gives all of His children whatever they want whenever they want it, He alone knows what is best for each of us and may choose to withhold something or He may allow something to happen to us which we cannot understand but our duty is to trsut Him regardless. He loves us and He works all things for our good.

This is what is on our refrigerator right now because it is something we all want to remember.


3 Responses to “Refrigerator Theology”

  1. Mom said

    Great post, and a great reminder!
    God is good, and we can trust Him to provide all we need. The amazing thing is that so many times He also gives us very much MORE than we actually need! Thanks for the reminder! Love, Mom

  2. jana said

    Tara–good post—isn’t is great to see your children coming up with these things on their own. I can’t wait for that to happen with Mara Kate. 🙂

  3. heidi said

    I almost cried when I saw that…What a sweet picture of child-like faith…. “God is good” written in refrigerator magnets! It is a wonderful peace to rest in His provision.

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