Fun in the Snow

January 15, 2006

As you can see, Alley and Liam had fun playing in the snow, the little bit we had, yesterday. The above picture is them trying to hit me with a handful of snow. It was by no means a “snowball”. This is only the second time so far this winter that we have had any snow that stuck at all so they were trying to take advantage of it! Of course, they had big mugs of hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows when they came in…after all, isn’t that the reason you play in the snow?

As I sat down to type this, Liam was in the room and he was singing a song. It was a song from a kids Bible song cd they have. He was singing,”God created what happens in the earth.” As you might have guessed, the actual lyrics are, “God created the heavens and the earth.” Both are very true!

Dresden just pulled up to and is standing by the chair next to mine. This is the second time she has done it so far this afternoon. She is very proud of herself but doesn’t realize that if she lifts her hands up to bang on the seat of the chair with excitement at her accomplishment, she will lose her balance and fall. I am going to have to be very much on guard duty this week…starting now!


4 Responses to “Fun in the Snow”

  1. Dad said

    She’s growing up. She’ll be running around outside with the other two before you know it.


  2. aunt heidi said

    I love Liam’s stories! He is such a funny guy. And, yes, hot chocolate makes getting cold outside all worth it!

  3. jana said

    How fun—I am thankful I am not dealing with snow here in Atlanta—but the Hot Chocolate always sounds good!

  4. Tony & Kathy Nelzen said

    I never thought I’d say this, and will probably regret it, but I miss the Kansas City snowdrifts–even the ones 2 feet high!

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