Lost Tooth

January 10, 2006

Alley lost one of her front teeth on Sunday. It was one that had been bothering her for awhile and she is glad it is finally gone! It was very loose that morning and she asked me to help her so I got her toothbrush and used it to gently move it forwards and back and it did get looser but still would not quite let go. After several minutes and some bleeding, she sought out her Daddy. He told her to try to pull it straight down real hard and she did try but it stayed in there. He asked if she wanted him to do it and she agreed that he could try. He grabbed it and quickly pulled down and out it came! She was very glad! I think that was her third tooth to lose. ( It was right next to a spot where she had a tooth pulled awhile ago so the space looks bigger than it normally would.)

And now for a laugh from Liam. Last night he was pretending to read one of Michael’s Star Wars books on the couch while I was washing dishes and he said, “Mom, I can read R2D2. See, R..2..D..2…there’s two 2s and a D and a R.” I was thinking to myself that that was probably the longest commentary ever given on the actual name of R2D2 by a 4 year old and also how long it would take him to read the whole boook at that rate! I know that someday (much sooner than I would like) he will be reading long books like that for real and I hope he still wants to talk to me about what he is reading while I am doing the dishes. šŸ™‚


One Response to “Lost Tooth”

  1. Jon Williams said

    Congratulations Alley!!!

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