Mobility Specialist

January 6, 2006

Dresden just turned 8 months old on January 3 and as you can see, she is already pulling up to things! She has been crawling for a couple weeks now and scooted across the floor on her belly for a while before that. I was not expecting her to be doing all of this yet, since my other two children were still mastering sitting up at this age. Unfortunately, she is trying to do things that she really is not big enough or strong enough to do yet and I am afraid that she is going to hurt herself in the process. She gets her feet underneath her and tries to stand but then she does not have the strength or balance to hold herself up and she falls or has to be rescued by someone. Right now, as I am writing this, she is trying to pull up to my chair and she just banged her head…she has also not figured out that she has to watch where her head is going to go if she stands up where she is! She is a very determined little girl and will most likely be the cause of my first gray hairs! We love her very much and are very glad that God put her in our family.


4 Responses to “Mobility Specialist”

  1. jana said

    Such a cutie, and a smart one at that!

    Come visit us soon!

  2. Dad said

    Just look at the cartilage in that little mobility specialist!!!!!

  3. Mom said

    What a precious girl! I know what you mean about the gray hairs. It was my 2nd daughter who started that for me! They keep you very busy, but delight your life! Love, Mom

  4. jana said

    Thanks mom, for your comment about me giving you gray hairs–it’s good to know I am appreciated!

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