Handwriting and a Super Hero

December 9, 2005

Today marked a “first” in my life as a homeschooling mother. Alley wrote me a note all on her own! She has been writing for awhile but nothing all on her own. She usually copies from a piece of paper, from the chalkboard, or asks me to tell her how to spell things a few letters at a time as she writes a letter or card to a friend or family member. But today, I gave her a Scripture verse to copy and she went to her room to sit at her little table, which she has lately been referring to as her “office”. A little later she came out and handed me the paper. I looked over it and when I turned it over, I saw that at the bottom she had written,

“Momy, I hop uow leac my prnt. Love, Alley”

Then, you might have imagined, the first thing she said was, ” Did I spell everything right?” I smiled at her and said, “No, but that’s not the important thing right now. The important thing right now is that you did it all on your own and you sounded it out in your head and wrote down what you thought and I am VERY, VERY proud of you.”

I went to the chalkboard then and showed her each word with the correct spelling and explained why it was spelled that way but also told her that she did well at guessing. (I’m not sure how she got “leac” for “like”, though.) Later, she brought me the paper with another line on it, the same note spelled right. It was very sweet.

Also, Dresden got a visit from Batman today. She was laying on the floor and I was changing her diaper and Liam, disguised as Batman, leaned over her face and looked at her. She looked up and I thought she might cry but she was very brave. She closed her eyes for a brief second and lifted her shoulders up as though preparing for something unexpected. ( I guess she will need her big brother to teach her that Batman is a good guy! ) Liam leaned down and kissed her and then he said to me, ” It’s a good thing Batman has a place to kiss even when he is wearing his mask.” I agreed with him, it is a very good thing and a benefit that Bruce Wayne himself might not have even thought of yet!


3 Responses to “Handwriting and a Super Hero”

  1. aunt janahttp://www.barkerhappenings.blogspot.com said

    So sweet–the note from Alley and the fact that Liam is such a sweet big brother to little Dresden–even if he scares her a bit sometimes. 🙂

  2. Mom said

    Tara, your post made me cry. That was so sweet of Alley to rewrite your note, and Liam’s little sensitive heart is amazing. But the thing I wanted to say the most was that the answer you gave Alley when she asked you if she spelled everything right was perfect! Brilliant, actually. And it made me think about how blessed your children are to have you for Mom. So many would not have handled that as well. I am proud of you.
    Love, Mom

  3. Dad said

    Someday Batman will also write you a note.

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