Okay, Okay

November 20, 2005

I know I have not posted anything for two weeks (Jana 🙂 but that is mostly because we have been busy “living”! I’ll try to catch you up on all the exciting Branson family happenings. First of all, we did see Alley’s play last Sunday afternoon and she did a great job. After it was over, all the actors/actresses stood out in the hallway so that the audience could congratulate them as they left the theater. We gave her a small bouquet of flowers (from Aunt Jana and Kane) and she acted almost embarrassed to receive them but I think she was secretly glad since she saw several others getting flowers also.

On Monday evening, I went to a homeschool mothers meeting at the library where I listened to a local author speak about helping your children to become independent learners. It was interesting but as you can see, not terribly “blogworthy”.

A few posts back I mentioned my bedroom project. Well, it is continuing, be it ever so slowly. On Tuesday afternoon of this week, I worked on stripping the paint off a few more drawers in preparation for painting them, hopefully very soon. Tuesday was also a very cold day here in the mountains of southwest Virginia so I was rather chilly working in the garage with the door up for ventilation. It is amazing what you can stand when you are motivated!

On Wednesday afternoon, I went with Heidi to Wal-Mart to buy food to cook the Wednesday night meal at church. It was raining which always adds a lot of fun and excitement to a trip to Wal-Mart, especially with 4 children in tow! We arrived at church at 2:05 pm where we were going to pull double duty, cooking as well as assisting with the processing of Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes, as our church is a drop-off center for the area. We were supposed to help with that from 2:00-5:00. We were a few minutes late and the only boxes that were dropped off that entire afternoon were 3 boxes that arrived in the first 5 minutes, before we even got there! We did enjoy visiting with the lady we were working with and we were able to have plenty of time to get our soup started. I also took Alley to her piano lesson that afternoon and then came back to finish up meal preparations with Heidi. The meal was served at 6:30 and was enjoyed by all.

On Thursday afternoon, I came back over to my parent’s house to continue with my project in the garage. It was VERY cold that night for mid November here and I decided to just stay at their house overnight instead of getting the kids out to head home in the dark and cold. Michael was working out of town so it was a little like old times, since the kids and I would stay with mom and dad about once a week when Michael was in Iraq.

Friday morning we headed home and got our school work done and then I took the kids to a “Fall Party” sponsored by the homeschool group. There were crafts, games and snacks (oh, and also face painting- Alley got a Pilgrim hat on her cheek and Liam got a football on his hand) and they had a great time. Michael got home about an hour after we did and then later, I took my girls and went to a Pampered Chef party while Michael and Liam had “boy time”. In case you are wondering, boy time usually consists of watching Star Wars movies or playing video games and eating cereal for supper (or some other equally as easy to prepare entree…if cereal counts as an entree!)

Last night, I went to Big Lots with Heidi to buy the stuff for our Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes which were due at church by today (nothing like procrastination!). Heidi was doing a box for a boy and we were doing a box for a girl and we had fun looking around and picking stuff out and making sure it would all fit in our box! When I got home, I had the wonderful task of ironing clothes for everyone for church this morning…fun, fun!

Today we went to church and then had lunch with family afterwards and right now, mom and Michael are at choir practice and we will be joining them at church in about an hour.

This coming week is one of my favorite weeks of the year. Tuesday is our anniversary (8 years, can you believe it?!) and also on Tuesday we are going to spend the afternoon baking Thanksgiving snacks like pumpkin chip cookies and cranberry bars. And of course, Thanksgiving is Thursday and we get to enjoy family and relax and EAT! We also share our annual Thanksgiving lists with each other…..which reminds me, I better get mine started!


4 Responses to “Okay, Okay”

  1. heidihttp://guinan.blogspot.com said

    This will be a good week! I am looking forward to our baking day too…and of course, excited about the holiday! I love this time of year.

  2. jana said

    I HATE it that I can’t be there this year—but it is for a very good reason. 🙂

    I need to get started on my list soon—thanks for FINALLY updating your blog–it’s about time!

  3. Dad said

    This upcoming week is one of my favorites also. I am really mostly looking forward, as I do every year, to sharing our thank-you lists. I better get started on mine.

  4. Mom said

    Sounds like you had a very busy week last week, Tara! This is also one of my favorite weeks of the year. I cannot beleive it has been 8 years since your wedding. Wow! A lot has happened since then! I am so looking forward to having Michael here this year with us for the holidays! God has been so good to us all. I wish Jana and Kane could be here with us. But as Jana says, it is for a wonderful reason. I have my list almost finished! Yay! Love, Mom

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