Our Little Star

November 6, 2005

Alley can now say she has been in a real play! Actually, she is still in it since they have only done 2 of their 8 total performances. She had dress rehearsal for two and a half hours each night three nights last week and then had to be at the theater at 8:30 am Friday to prepare for the first day of school performances. (They do several shows for the area schools to bring their students to watch.) She started getting a cold Thursday but she made it through practice that night and the performances the next day and now she has until Wednesday to recover for the rest of the shows. Michael and I are going to see the play next Sunday afternoon at the only public performance. She is excited and we are excited for her. I will write more details after we see it.

I did want to mention something that I couldn’t mention when it actually happened due to the fact that we were still planning the surprise birthday for my grandmother in Kansas City. Alley actually auditioned back in April for the musical “Oliver” but was not chosen. I looked at the schedule for upcoming plays and told her that she could audition again in October for the Best Christmas Pageant Ever and she has been waiting and waiting ever since then! About 24 hours before the audition I realized that if she got in this play, we would not be able to go to Kansas City to be part of the birthday celebration. I didn’t know what to do, since I thought both things were important. As a parent, I wanted my child’s long hoped for dream to become a reality but I also believed she would not want to miss being a part the birthday surprise. We let her try out, deciding to just see what happened. The turn out was not as high as it was for Oliver and the director announced that he could probably use everyone who auditioned in some way but we did not find out until a week later which part she would have. It turned out that she got a baby angel part which was not a speaking part so then we were really in a dilemma. We did not want to take it away from her by telling her the trip to Kansas City for a family event was more important than a minor part in a play after she had waited so long and worked so hard and we also did not want her to think she could quit something when something better comes along. I thought about flying to KC and leaving Alley and Liam in Atlanta with my sister and brother -in- law so she might only miss 2 practices. All this time I was thinking it was going to be a choice between the two events and that there was no way for both to happen BUT God is good! My dad and other sister (and my adorable nephew, Grant 🙂 were going to fly to KC for the birthday party on one- way cheap tickets and fly back the same way. I realized that if I could get Alley a ticket to come back with them, and if I could get it approved that she could miss a couple extra practices, she might actually be able to do both things. I got the approval and the plane ticket later that day. (She was going to miss 4 practices but they ended up cancelling 2 of those days so she only missed 2 practices.) I was amazed once again at the grace of God in our daily lives, even in the little things.


4 Responses to “Our Little Star”

  1. Aunt Janahttp://www.barkerhappenings.blogspot.com said

    I am really glad it worked out for her to do both the play and go to KC for the birthday party—although, I would have loved to have had her here with me in Atlanta for a few days—we still need to work that out sometime in the future!

    I am so proud of Alley for sticking with all the practices and doing a good job with this play—it’s a foot in the door for sure!

  2. Mom said

    Isn’t God amazing!? It was so great to watch Him work it all out! Love, Mom

  3. Dad said

    God is so good to have worked everything out, even for two events important to a 7 year old!

  4. Jana & Kanehttp://www.barkerhappenings.blogspot.com said

    We are anxiously awaiting your next BLOG update! There has to be SOMETHING interesting going on in the Branson household!

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