Bedroom Bargain

October 14, 2005

I have heard it said that your bedroom should be a place that makes you smile, not the extra storage room. So, I am working on making my bedroom a “haven” instead of a dumping ground! It’s not that bad really, except for the fact that we don’t have any chest of drawers or dressers right now so we are making do with plastic storage totes and a baby cradle! You can imagine how excited that makes me! (More on that later). The other thing that was not quite right was my bedspread.

I bought a new comforter set at Tuesday Morning about 2 months ago and I really liked it. It was several different shades of blue which went well with my carpet, lamp and other accessories. After a few weeks, though, some of the threads started to come undone on some of the decorative areas. I decided that I could not live with that and thankfully, Tuesday Morning has a return policy of 45 days. So, about three weeks ago, I went in there with my receipt and the comforter set carefully repackaged in its original bag and got to exchange it. I ended up getting a cream colored quilt type bedspread instead. I really liked it but it had no shams or pillows and no bed skirt. While I was at the store, I found 3 black throw pillows with cream colored designs on them. So, I knew then that all of my blue accent pieces would no longer look right and I was embarking on a slow journey of redoing my bedroom color scheme! I started looking online for a black bedskirt. My bed is tall and it’s hard to find bed skirts that are long enough but I finally found one that would work. I added it to my wishlist and kept wishing I had the money to get it NOW because I was tired of seeing the things I have stored under my bed everytime I walked in my room! The other day I was trying to think of what I could do in the meantime that would look okay and cover up the “underbed area”. I decided that a black sheet might work so when I was at Wal-Mart last night, I looked at sheets and they had flat twin sheets in “soot black” for $2.96! I checked the length and it looked like it would work. This morning I tucked the sheet between my mattress and boxspring as far as I could until it was the right length. It looks great! I really don’t even know if I will even buy the other bed skirt now. I will probably buy 2 more sheets to do the foot and far side of the bed since I had such good results with this. It may not look as good with any color but with black you can’t see the hem or stitching so it just makes it look finished. I love it when I can save that much money and get something I like even better! Plus, I feel really creative and “Proverbs 31-ish” when something turns out that way! Now, time to save for the mirror and lamp shade!

Play Update: Alley was chosen to be a Baby Angel in the play she auditioned for. This means she has no speaking parts but she gets to be on the stage and see what it is like to be in a play so she will know what to expect in the future. She is very excited about this opportunity!


3 Responses to “Bedroom Bargain”

  1. Mom said

    Tara, I am glad that worked out so well! I can’t wait to see it! I am sure it looks great! It does make you feel great when you can do something you really like and save that much money at the same time. Great job! Love, Mom

  2. Heidi said

    Tara- I need to come see it and be inspired to be more Proverbs 31-ish šŸ™‚ It’s so easy to buy whatever it is you need to make something look like you “need” it to without thinking about saving money. Way to go on your creativity!!!

  3. jana said


    Your bedskirt sounds great and I think I will really like the new color scheme you have picked. I look forward to seeing it next time I am there.

    Lamp shades aren’t too much—espeically if you already have the lamp part already—good luck with the rest of your project!

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