Play Update

October 7, 2005

We went to the call back audition last night. It lasted about an hour and a half. No one is allowed to watch the audition except the other people auditioning so I don’t know exactly what happened. Alley did say that he asked her to say a line from the part of one of the fairly main characters. That could be just because it was a short and easy line and he wanted to see how loud she was. We were hoping to find out last night what part she will have but we are still in suspense until Monday evening. Basically, everyone there last night will be in the play but we have to come back Monday night at 6 pm to find out what part and to have the first rehearsal. She is very excited to be picked!


One Response to “Play Update”

  1. jana said

    Hey! I am excited for her too. I SO wish that I could come and see the performances, but I just don’t think it is possible—I will be TOO pregnant by then to travel. I hope you can record it or something…

    Anyway, I know she is excited. Keep us posted!

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