Night and Day

October 5, 2005

It is an interesting and challenging thing to raise a child who is about as different from you as night is from day. When these children are babies, you do not think about their personality developing in the completely opposite direction of yours but then it does and it takes some getting used to! Alley is a wonderful blessing in my life but we are very different. She has completely different interests and talents than I do and it is sometimes hard to know exactly what is right for her when it seems so foreign to me. There are two main examples of this; first of all, Alley is talented musically. ( She definitely gets this from her father!) She likes to listen to kids cds in the van and then once she knows the songs, she sings along with the singer and she makes her voice sound almost exactly like theirs. She inflects her voice the same way they do, adding in accents and all. She has also recently started piano lessons and except for a few “meltdown moments” during practice, she has picked it up very fast and very well and I am very proud of her. I think it will be cool when she masters a skill I do not even possess!

But the main difference in us is her strong desire to be in a play. She is constantly talking Liam into acting out little parts of stories or movies, or even sections from the Bible or history books. But her real goal is to be on the stage. At 4 years old she said to me (her mother who would NEVER audition for a play even if her life depended on it), “I want to be on the stage with the light shining on me.” (Yes, we have a little pride to work on :)Needless to say, these thoughts do not compute in my brain! Over the last few years, we have attended a handful of plays at Theater Bristol. This gave her a specific focus for her goal. Back in March she attended a 3 hour workshop put on by the theater to teach kids more about dancing, singing, and acting. After that she auditioned for Oliver. I took her and waited while she went through a three hour long group audition. Each time they would take a break, she would run out to see me with a huge smile on her face! She did not make it in to Oliver but that made her even more determined to audition again. For months she has looked forward to the Best Christmas Pageant Ever auditions and so we went Monday evening. They called today to ask if she could come tomorrow night for a call back. I don’t know what this means exactly but we are going. To me, this would seem like a nightmare but to her, it is a dream come true. She knows she might not get a part or at least she might not get the part she dreams of having, but either way, I am very proud of her! We’ll keep you posted. 🙂


7 Responses to “Night and Day”

  1. Kane said

    Reminds me of mom’s story about raising Jana.

    I’m excited for Alley, and I am sure she will excel at whatever part she earns. Please let Jana and I know how things go. This may be a bit premature, but when are performances?

  2. Tara said

    Yes, I assumed Alley would be like me, being a first born girl, but God had other plans!

    Public performances are November 12 and 13, with a few school performances before that.

  3. aunt heidi said

    She really is such a little actress. She dances for me everytime she is at my house and it is sooo dramatic..I hope these days last as long as possible!

  4. lisa said

    i’m so proud of her! you too are very different in that aspect but i see you in her a lot too…she is such a good actress and she’ll be so good at any part she gets.

  5. b said

    Good title with “Night and Day”. That’s a musical theatre song written by COle Porter. See, you’ve got this Theatre thing down!
    –Jana’s friend

  6. Dad said

    Grandpa is very proud of you, Gator!

  7. Mom said

    I certainly can relate to how you feel about a child so different from you! Just like Kane said, it reminds me of someone…….else! Actually it is really good for a Mom to realize she has this kind of child. It is really good to stretch you and broaden you world and how you might otherwise see the world. I am glad Alley is her own person. It is amazing how God does that. He has a great sense of humor! I am very proud of how you parent her and are conscious of these things. You are a terrific Mom and she is a very blessed little girl. I am very proud of her and I also cannot comprehend her WANTING to put herself through any of that! I once again am in awe of a child that doesn’t think like me! I cannot wait to see the play! She will be beaming! I am also very very glad that God has provided her a way to take piano lessons. She is very talented in music and I am glad she is not letting it go to waste. God is so good. He knows what He wants us to be and He doesn’t let that slip by! Wow! Love, Mom

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