Blanket Break

September 27, 2005

Today was an absolutely beautiful fall day, not too hot, not too cold, not too windy…just perfect. So, I decided that even though I had a TON of things to do inside, we would spend some time enjoying the great outdoors. Normally, I would tell myself that “tomorrow will be just as nice and we will do it then” but then, of course, something comes up and it never happens. Then I stand at my window a few short weeks later and watch the snowflakes fall and realize that I have let the opportunity pass me by again!

I have also been realizing anew how lightning fast kids grow up (Dresden is just about a week away from being FIVE months old!) so I am conciously trying to grab more moments with my kids, even if it does mean skipping a load of laundry or not getting the schoolroom organized as quickly as I would like. So, after school and after lunch, we headed outside to our little yard with a blanket, a couple of books and the dog. We read a couple of chapters in the American Girl book we are reading now and then Alley and Liam played on the swingset and just ran around getting some of that energy out! Dresden and I hung out on the blanket and I read some of my book, too. We ended up being out there for about two hours and it was a much needed break. I know that my kids might actually remember days like this where I was outside with them, even if I read and they play for part of the time, much more than they will remember that I spent the afternoon vacuuming and lining up workbooks on a shelf. Being a homeschooling mom of three kids, I have to always remind myself that there will never be a day when there is NOTHING to do so if I am going to make memories like this, whether it is sitting on a blanket under a tree or sitting under a blanket on the couch, I have to make choices. I’m not saying housework and things aren’t important but when you step back and do something more important once in awhile, your priorities seem to fall into place on their own.


5 Responses to “Blanket Break”

  1. lisa said

    i’m so glad that you got a good break =) they will definitely remember days like this way more than house cleaning days…i wish i could see you guys! i love you.

  2. heidi said

    It is so easy to get caught up in daily checklists when you have so much to do. I am glad you took a break! I know the kids loved it. Love you.

  3. Dad said

    You definitely made the right decision because kids do grow up too fast!! Keep on doing what you’re doing.

  4. Mom said

    You are absolutely right on every count! I Love You, Mom

  5. jana said

    very true–I hope to remember to take those much needed breaks with my kids as they come!

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