Belly Laughs

September 19, 2005

One of my very favorite things is hearing (and watching) a baby belly laugh. Dresden has been doing it more and more over the last few weeks and it is so much fun! It is rewarding to see her paying enough attention to what is going on around her that she finds certain things funny. A couple of weeks ago she laughed alot at her cousin, Grant, who was just sitting on his mommy’s lap wearing nothing but a diaper. He wasn’t doing anything really but she found it hilarious!

I knew that Alley and Liam would be the source of many of her laughs and this week they have figured out that if they jump up and down in front of her, she starts giggling and then it turns into a full-fledged belly laugh. She has done it about 3 times now and it is so much fun to watch her! She is 4 and a half months old now and the newborn hard part is over and the up-all-night-fussy-crying-teething baby part hasn’t started yet so we’re enjoying every minute!


3 Responses to “Belly Laughs”

  1. Dad said

    It makes you laugh yourself when they break out that big, no-holds-barred belly laugh. Really just can’t help but laugh. That’s what makes babies so cool, though!

  2. Aunt jana said

    She is a sweet baby and it was fun getting to hear her laugh a bit the last time I was there—I am glad you all are enjoying her so much!

  3. heidi said

    She really knows how to laugh…and is very sweet. She may be the humorous joker type…watch out 🙂

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