Homemade Baby Wipes

September 13, 2005

Today I made a “batch” of homemade baby wipes. I have made them several times in the past but this is the first time since Dresden has been born. It is a little more work than just opening up a package of store bought wipes and I’m not exactly sure of the savings since at times you might need to use two where you would have used only one of the other kind but they are also handy for wiping the spaghetti-stained faces of 4 year olds and you don’t have to think of it in terms of “wasting” a wipe! (You also get to have wipes with pictures on them…mine have Charlie Brown raking leaves!)

Anyway, here is the recipe I use but in the words of a friend, “a recipe is just a guide!”

  • 10 cup capacity round Rubbermaid or other plastic storage container
  • very sharp knife (some people use an electric knife, I have never tried that)
  • strong husband (possibly not needed if you use electric knife)
  • 2 and 3/4 cup hot water
  • 1 and 1/2 TBSP baby oil
  • 1 and 1/2 TBSP baby wash (I use 1 TBSP so it’s not too soapy but this is adjustable)
  • 1 roll Bounty or other strong paper towels

First, purchase or gather all supplies and then ask your husband to cut the paper towel roll into two equal halves. Be prepared for a strange look to cross his face at this request the first time…don’t worry, he will get used to it! This does take a little time and some effort. (I read a suggestion to keep the plastic on the roll if you are using an electric knife.)Keep one half for a refill and place the other half in the plastic container. Heat the water (doesn’t have to be boiling) and then stir in the baby oil and wash. Pour this mixture over the papertowels in the container. Set lid loosely on top and let sit for a few hours or overnight. You will need to pull out the cardboard tube either before you place the lid on or after it sits. You will pull the baby wipes from the middle of the roll to use.

And just for a laugh, today I heard Liam singing “Hunky Gunky sat on a wall, Hunky Gunky had a great fall…”. I realized that “Hunky Gunky” sounds like something that definitely would not break even if it did fall off a wall!


2 Responses to “Homemade Baby Wipes”

  1. jana said

    I may have to try these at some point—I am glad to have the recipe.

  2. Jennifer said

    I remember the “baby wipes”, they were extremely handy at the pretend teas and get-togethers. Miss You guys.

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