Thanksgiving in September

September 11, 2005

We’ve all heard of “Christmas in July” when stores have special sales or churches take a special offering for missionaries or whatever but this weekend we had Thanksgiving in September. My sister, Jana, is pregnant and is due just days after Thanksgiving and will not be able to travel to visit family then so we had an early family Thanksgiving dinner last night. We were all there (all 13 of us, including the unborn baby) for a turkey dinner with (most of) the fixins. We even used mom’s special “turkey” dishes. It was very good and it was fun to take some time to be thankful on a different day of the year.

Alley and Liam really got into this “fake” Thanksgiving, as Alley said in her prayer at the table last night! ( There were quite a few of us struggling to maintain our composure throughout the remainder of the grace! ) Alley asked me earlier in the day why Uncle Jeph was WORKING on THANKSGIVING! It was equally amazing that people were having yard sales and the bank was open!

One of the highlights of the evening was the “Pilgrim Play” put on by Alley and Liam. Last year, my aunt Jane made them paper Pilgrim hats and they used them to entertain us last Thanksgiving and they were pulled out again yesterday. Alley was in charge of the costumes and they practiced throughout the day to be ready when we were all there together. They did a great job and it helped it to really feel more like a “real” Thanksgiving. I enjoy watching them be so creative…it’s one of the best blessings of parenthood. I knew as I was watching that eventually they would be too old for little holiday plays so I did my best to take it all in and turn that moment into a memory.

One of the other highlights of the evening, in case you were wondering, was the pumpkin pie! It’s always the right time of year for that!


3 Responses to “Thanksgiving in September”

  1. Dad said

    Yes, children do get too old for little plays. The really wonderful thing is that there are grandchildren to carry on when that happens. It is heartwarming to recollect the memories of their mothers doing little plays. It was a really GREAT Thanksgiving. I especially enjoyed putting my hand on Jana’s tummy, and feeling number 13 squirming around in there, wishing it was grandpa holding him/her!!

  2. Mom said

    What an absolutely perfect day! I agree with what you said, Tara, and what Dad said! Love, Mom

  3. jana said

    Dad, I am glad you got to feel the baby move. Next time I see you–you should be able to hold our little boy/girl. It was a great day and weekend and I really enjoyed being there with everyone.

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