103 Dollar Bills

August 29, 2005

Right now, I have 103 dollar bills. It is quite a stack! This is not an every day occurence, unfortunately, but it is due to the fact that I just had a very successful yard sale. I made over $500 but 103 of that was in one-dollar bills! I also have almost $27 in quarters (that’s 107 quarters, in case you were interested!) as well as several of most every other denomination.

This yard sale was the result of merging the two sets of household goods we have accumulated over the last year and a half or so. While Michael was in Iraq, I used alot of hand-me-down or yard sale things to get by while my own things were sitting alone in our apartment in Germany. As I unpacked after the shipment from Germany finally arrived, I filled several boxes with things for a yard sale. Our church was kind enough to let us use the house the church owns for the sale because it is a great location on a busy street with lots of easy parking. I am convinced that was a big key to our success this weekend!

As I sat watching people peruse the tables filled with past treasures that I no longer need, I made several observations about yard sales in general as well as the people who shop them.

– the very thing you thought would sell in 5 minutes sits there until the afternoon of the second day if it sells at all
– people rarely buy what you expect they might buy when you first see them step out of their car
– people feel they absolutely MUST get a real bargain and will ask you to take less no matter what the price
– people think that if they do not intend to use the item for its original purpose, they should get a discount (would
you take $1 for this $2 item, I’m just going to use it in my camper”)
– people love it when you offer everything for 1/2 price!
– people make you think that all they have is $2 and they REALLY want this $3 item and you agree and then they
pull out a twenty to pay you
– people come in ALL shapes, sizes and flavors! ( scents, too!)
– no matter how much or how little money someone has, all are equal at a yard sale
– some people are too friendly and some people aren’t friendly enough
– some people know a good deal when they see one and some come just to criticize what they see
– some people will spend exactly 2 minutes looking and spend $10, others will spend 45 minutes and spend 50 cents!

I pondered all these things and more but most of all I realized that no matter how long my Needs/Wants list is, I am very, very blessed compared to alot of people around me. I may not have as much as some, but I have considerably more than most, and I am not thinking only of material things. And for all of my blessings, I am truly thankful to God.


4 Responses to “103 Dollar Bills”

  1. Mom said

    Great post! Your observations were exactly right! I watched all of that stuff along with you and I could not have explained it that well! I am glad it was a success, and yes, you have considerably more than many many people…and you are right, not in material things, but much more important things! Great reminder. Great read. Love, Mom

  2. Dad said

    I am so glad to hear that your yard sale was so successful. Along that line, where are we going for dinner?

    PS Also very insightful.

  3. jana said

    Good post–made me feel like I was right there. 🙂 Glad it went so well and I am sure you are glad it is over.

  4. Kane, an Uncle,http://ipods.freepay.com/?r=21512074 said


    Somehow, I’m sure that you acutally timed people. I wouldn’t be surprised if you even had a chart out diagramming people’s approach patterns through your piles of stuff.

    Well, maybe you’re not that anal…almost, but not quite. I’m glad your yard sale went well. I’m sure dad will appreciate the dinner out.

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