Building Bunk Beds and the Kingdom

August 19, 2005

Right now, Michael is working on putting a bunk bed together for the kids. Alley and Liam are helping. I love it that he lets them help him but even more I love it that he talks to them while they do it. I was in the next room, writing a card to a friend and listening to their conversation at the same time. It was not the conversation you might imagine, about wood and nails and screws, but instead it was a conversation about redemption and idolatry and sacrifice. Alley asked a few questions in response to a conversation Michael and I had just had and he patiently answered and explained these things to her, giving her examples to illustrate the meanings so she could really understand. It hit me that this is life, this is building His kingdom and this is what God wants us to do with our children all the time. The Bible tells us to teach them about Him when we rise up and when we lie down, and in between, we build bunk beds!


4 Responses to “Building Bunk Beds and the Kingdom”

  1. Jordana said

    I LOVE it when LIFE happens like that!! 🙂

  2. Dad said

    Michael is building more than bunk beds. More important things than bunk beds. But I’m sure he already knows that!

  3. Mom said

    As you already know, teaching our children does not happen only between 8AM and 3PM! What a good example of how building the Kingdom of Christ happens! As Deuteronomy says….as you lay down, as you rise up, as you walk along the road… you build those bunk beds, etc. Love, Mom

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