Marshmallow Mistake

August 14, 2005

Friday night Michael took the kids camping. They got this idea while watching “Parent Trap” earlier in the week. We happened to have a small tent that I had just discovered in unpacking boxes from Germany. So, the plan was made. Friday evening about 6 pm, Michael dropped me and Dresden off at my parent’s house to spend the night and he and Alley and Liam headed off to Sugar Hollow park, a nice park very close by. A couple of hours later, I called Michael on his cell phone (is it really camping if you have a cell phone?) to see if I could come to the campsite just long enough to enjoy some roasted marshmallows before leaving them for a cool, non-misquito filled sleeping environment. In the end, mom and dad and Dresden came along too…I think mom wanted more pictures! 🙂 We got there and it turned out that the fire wasn’t really doing well with the rain-soaked wood Michael had found there so Dad went back home and returned with dry firewood and a flashlight and some other important things we hadn’t thought of! Because of this extra trip, we were at the campsite for more than an hour and it was quite dark by the time we were preparing to leave. Alley suddenly decided that she wanted to go home with us and forego the camping. She vacillated back and forth for a few minutes and Michael assured her that he would not be upset with her if she decided to go. (Liam was keeping quiet…he had no intention of NOT staying in the woods with Daddy!) She finally decided to go with us. She then spent the next hour second-guessing her decision and asking us if she did the right thing. I used it as a time to explain to her that all people, at one time or another, have made a decision that they wonder about. We doubt ourselves and possibly spend alot of time thinking about what might have happened, “if”. I did not go into this much detail with her but it reminded me that we have a wonderful gift in life, and that is God’s sovereignty. When we know that nothing, absolutely nothing, happens without God ordaining it, we can truly rest, knowing that no decision we make can lead us out of His will.
For a minute (okay, for a few minutes) I thought that we made a “mistake” in going to the campsite, that if we had left them there, just the three of them, she would have been forced to make it through the night in the tent one way or another and in the morning she would have been proud of herself for conquering her fear. But I know it was not a mistake at all, because that is what God planned.


3 Responses to “Marshmallow Mistake”

  1. Mom said

    It is amazing how quickly we forget that we are not able to thwart the plan of God. Thanks for the fresh reminder. Love, Mom

  2. jana said

    Alley is just being a “girl”–I am proud of Liam for staying with his daddy. Maybe Alley will have a chance to try again someday!

  3. Aunt Heidi said

    God might have sent you to the park so she didn’t have to survive a long night in the woods being scared 🙂 I’m glad Liam had some guy-time.

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