The " Missing" Sandals

August 9, 2005

I was just reading Jana’s blog about her missing oven mitt and that inspired me to write about what happened to me this weekend.
Let me start by saying that I DO have mischievous children around! It started when I was down in mom and dad’s basement going through some of my boxes from Germany that are being stored there. I found a pair of green rubber boots that look like frogs. We bought these in Germany (I don’t think you could find anything quite this weird-looking in the US of A.) He wanted to wear them, of course. He took his sandals off right there by the box and left them. I grabbed them and carried them up with me, specifically so WE WOULD NOT LOSE THEM. When it was time to leave, no sandals. We looked a little then but went home in the boots. Sunday afternoon I looked for the sandals again, for about an hour and a half, all to no avail. (In the trash, in the car, in other boxes, EVERYWHERE!) Finally Dad told Alley and Liam that if one of them found the sandals, they would get a box of markers. They looked for a few minutes and then Liam “found” the sandals in the green cabinets in the family room…literally the ONLY place I did not look. Even after talking to him about it and explaining the importance of not doing that again, we are still not clear on WHY he moved them at all, much less to a place where we would not think to look. We are also a little foggy on why he didn’t tell me he knew where they were, when he usually would. Ah, the confusion of parenting…….


3 Responses to “The " Missing" Sandals”

  1. jana said

    How funny! At least you found what you lost—I on the other hand am still being driven crazy by my mystery.

  2. Dad said

    Maybe I should offer Jana and Kane a new pack of markers if either of them can find the “missing mitt”, and THEN see if it shows up.

  3. Jennifer said

    I so miss the little Froggy Boots! But most of all I miss the little boy who used to wear them all day long.

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