August 5, 2005

Before Liam could talk, he used his own language that we dubbed “Liamese”. He talked alot but none of what he said actually made sense! Slowly, he started adding “real words” to his repertoire. For example, he used to say, “I’ll do that tummow.” (tomorrow) Even though he now speaks very clearly, every once in awhile he says something that reminds me of that sweet way he used to talk. This morning he said,”I’ll eat my cerealmilk (one word for him) and that will keep me poccupied.”

Alley ‘s first word (if it can actually be classified as a word) was Yaukel. Of course, I have no idea if that is the correct way to spell it since it doesn’t actually exist but she said it often around the time she was 9 months old. Sometimes we still use it! I am sure there will be many more entries about my children and their adorable attempts to make sense of the completely non-sensical English language. I am going to try to type what I can remember, even if they might be stories that are months or even years old by now.


3 Responses to “Liamese”

  1. Dad said

    Tara, I liked your post. By the way, doooooooooo me. (Excuuuuse me)from Steve Martin, as you used to say!

  2. Mom said

    I remember when Alley called the piano, the compan-yo! And she called music on the radio or CD’s her “miggit!” I want my “miggit!” She was really a good little traveler as long as she had her miggit.

  3. jana said

    I miss those cute little sayings—but I do remember them fondly!

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