August 4, 2005

Today was a milestone….Alley travelled to Atlanta without me! She went with mom and dad to surprise Jana for her 25th birthday. (Mom got the idea yesterday driving us home from Woodbridge, VA where we went to IKEA to purchase a bookcase and bunkbeds and we also met my old friend, Jamie Rutland, for dinner at Macaroni Grill.) Liam was pretty tired of the car, as he and Dresden went with us and Alley stayed behind in Bristol with Aunt Heidi. In March of 2004, Liam and I flew to Germany and were gone for more than 2 weeks and Alley stayed behind in Bristol with Mimi and Grandpa. That was hard but I guess there is something a little different when THEY leave YOU.


One Response to “travel”

  1. jana said

    Tara—I am so glad she came—and that you let her. Now that I am pregnant I am starting to get a glimpse of the many changes that will occur once you have one of your own. You have always been so willing to “share” your kids with Heidi and I—now I am glad that you are going to be an aunt to OUR kids as we continue to love on yours. 🙂

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