Moments and Memories

August 4, 2005

This is my blog…sort of! I am not exactly sure what all a “blog” should be but what I envision this blog being is a way for me to make quick notes about the little things of my kids “little” years, as well as throwing in some events of our lives to keep others updated, as well as remind ourselves of what we did when! And, who knows, maybe even a thought or life lesson now and then. Life changes so quickly and kids grow up with lightning speed that I think this will be a valuable tool to aid us in keeping the important things near to our hearts. I want to try my best to save as many “moments” as possible so that one day when they are not little anymore, I will have yots and yots of memories! (Alley used to say “yots” for “lots”!) I constantly think of things I should write down in their baby books but I usually don’t take the time to actually get the book out and write…so, I am hoping this online way of doing it quickly will make me do it more often. Also, this will give me something really cool to pull out on rainy days…my kids LOVE to hear stories of when they were little!


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